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Image by Gints Gailis

WCI'S 16th
Biennial International Conference
in Jakarta


Stay connected with us for updates about this exciting Conference.

For more information and to read Kim Riedel's message about the event, visit the Conference page on the member site.

Meet the Women's International Club Jakarta, host of the 16th Biennial International Conference

Making a Difference

Founded in 1950, the Women's International Club (WIC) Jakarta is a well-established secular, nonpolitical, and nonprofit women's organization. It aims to foster friendship and mutual understanding among women of different nationalities, contribute to the cultural development of women, and promote social improvement.


WIC Jakarta organizes many activities and cultural events for its local and international members, giving them the opportunity to meet and forge friendships, share ideas, and learn about each other's cultures. The biggest event organized by WIC Jakarta is the hugely popular and very successful two-day Annual Charity Bazaar. Embassies and numerous businesses participate, making the bazaar a shopping destination for people seeking holiday gifts or for anyone looking for something unique in a multicultural and fun environment. Since its beginning over five decades ago, the bazaar continues to grow and delight the throngs of visitors to this event.


Over the years, WIC Jakarta has helped many institutions and individuals in need with the funds raised at the Bazaar. It established a scholarship program and continues to help well-deserving university students from modest-income families. It also provides ongoing financial help to various institutions, including, orphanages, home care centers for seniors, schools for the intellectually disabled, homes for the blind and for the physically disabled. In addition, the club's Bazaar Proceeds Committee identifies where help is needed and provides immediate humanitarian aid, such as helping with surgery costs, donating hospital medical supplies and beds, and donating school desks and chairs.


Welcome Clubs International (WCI) is thrilled that WIC Jakarta has graciously agreed to host WCI's 16th Biennial International Conference.

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